From Academy Award winning writer Barry Morrow’s (“Rain Man”)


Doug Raif is a young, hot shot San Francisco advertising executive who has lost everything - his job, his girlfriend, his condo, his BMW and his self respect.  One night, he drunkenly jumps off The Golden Gate Bridge – yet miraculously he survives.  He is survivor no. 14 of the more than two thousand victims who weren’t so “lucky.”  All that matters now is the one question that continues to haunt him “Why am I still here?”


“Bridge to Jabez” is a personal journey of self-discovery, as Doug hooks up with Wendell, a 70-year old self proclaimed “entrepreneur” who leaves his cabin every summer in his ’71 Ford “gypsy” truck to scour the countryside for salvage - stuff to buy, recycle, sell or trade along the roads from Sacramento to San Diego – and he invites Doug along on one condition “You’re on my time.”  As Doug learns to let go of the demons that led him to nearly end his life, and become a student of Wendell’s low-key wisdom, he experiences a sea change of emotions.  And, in one final, extraordinary revelation, Doug discovers that he and the old man, despite their age difference and social status, share a common bond that will alter Doug’s life forever.


Original script by Aubrey Solomon
Producers Jack F. Murphy (Havoc); Nichola Ellis


A dark insightful look into the world of William Joyce (aka Lord Haw Haw), the last man to be hanged for treason, whose alignment with Hitler took him to the inner world of the Third Reich to become one of the first radio personalities during WWII.
His enigmatic and notorious broadcasts from Germany to Britain had a powerful devastating influence on war efforts, which later became the foundation of future propaganda campaign wars.
Joyce’s death eventually changed the 1940 Treason Act in the UK.